4 Traveling to the toymaker

A trip to Odaire in the daytime is not difficult. Nightime is a different matter. During the day, a few zombies will be sighted, but easily avoided. At night they’re everywhere. The village of Odaire lies roughly 25 miles southwest of Morfenzi.

As the pcs travel through Odaire, they will be accosted by a smelly and drunken guard. He is falling down drunk, but demands thier weapons and armor or he will arrest them. He can be bribed, dissuaded, or easily knocked out. The idea here is to make the party realise that this is a hostile environment, and the law isn’t neccesarily the good guys.

Giuseppe is easy do find, as his toyshop is one of the only shops to have bright colors and an otherwise cheerful demeanor. There will be a puppet show taking place when the pc’s arrive, attended by about a dozen children and a few adults. Anyone paying particular attention to the children will be able to make a spot check dc. 15 to spot a particular child wearing a familiar locket. This is the corpse child in human guise. If approached he will scream and try to flee. If not he will leave at the end of the show with all the other children.

Giuseppe is obviously a very talented puppet maker. His puppets and toysa are ofyou extraordinaty craftmanship. He will answer any questions that are reasonably put to him. The two became friends first, when Zed bought a toy from Giuseppe for his son and was very impressed and curious about Giuseppe’s skill at making toys. Later he returnded, and commissioned Giusseppe to make several life sized puppets. And then, Zedious came to him some time back, obviously distraught. He had demanded that Giuseppe design body parts. Body parts that could be grafted onto flesh. Giuseppe immediately refused and told him to leave which he immediately did. Giuseppe thinks that Zed may be hidiing in the graveyard in Morfenzi.

At this point they will be interrupted, by the local guard.
Who are mind controlled by the Cannibal Child.

Cannibal Child
The Cannibal Child will attack Giusseppe

The Doctor makes a Housecall

4 Traveling to the toymaker

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